Retail Consultants YRC Stresses on the Fundamentals of Business Plan Development

Retail Consultants YRC Stresses on the Fundamentals of Business Plan Development

Retail Consultants YRC Stresses on the Fundamentals of Business Plan Development

Retail Consultants YRC Stresses on the Fundamentals of Business Plan Development

YRC is a 10-year-old retail and eCommerce consulting firm with a strengthening presence in the Middle East market.

YRC is a Management Consulting Company, especially for the B-C Sector. Empowering Retail & E-commerce businesses.”

— Nikhil Agarwal

DUBAI, DUBAI, DUBAI, September 21, 2022 / — The team offers expert guidance and solutions to retail and eCommerce enterprises in developing their business plans. YRC’s long experience in this field has helped them evolve as an expert and carve the finest solutions. The omnichannel consulting experts shed light on the fundamentals of business plan development with a focus on Saudi Arabia’s retail landscape.

Not planning is Gambling

Every business thrives on its commercial sustainability. Eventually, it boils down to finance and numbers. And there is no room for half-baked assessments when it comes to financial planning( ) . Because any aspect of the business left unplanned would later become a source of financial stress. From capital investments to operating expenditures, every financial implication needs to find its due place in a retail business plan. Earning a few extra bucks does not hurt but accommodating an unplanned expense may cause problems. In a market where domestic brands are rapidly growing and international brands are making entries, practices like business plan development can no longer be done with conventional approaches.

Staying on Track by Planning

With a business plan in place, an enterprise also gets a directional roadmap for its activities and the utilisation of its financial resources. For instance, the purchase decisions could be kept in alignment with the demand forecasts as defined in the business plan. This would ensure stock availability as per projected demand, keep the inventory expenditures within the budget, and provide an opportunity to secure smooth supply chain operations. Given the competitive retail and eCommerce scenario in Saudi Arabia, startups are coming up with fiercely competitive business plans. That is a good thing as long as the business vision and execution plans are supported with robust financial planning. Even the best business plan consultants in the world could not refute this point.

Future Proofing

The element of uncertainty could never be weeded out of ‘future’. Future can be forecasted but it is a home to uncertainties. In developing a business plan and making the numerical projections, there should always be room for both certainties and uncertainties. That is why accounting principles and practices always call for the creation and maintenance of reserves, funds and provisions attached to various assets and liabilities. For instance, depreciation funds allow businesses to save for asset replacement when older assets would have to be replaced with new ones. Or reserve could be utilised to fund an expansion project. Accounting for reserves, funds and provisions in a business plan is securing an insurance to absorb future financial shocks, both planned and unplanned, fully or partially.

Staying over the Rise

Inflationary impacts are often undermined by many new enterprises. This is reflected in their business planning. Every year, the prices go up by varying degrees depending upon the prevailing inflation. It means businesses have to spend more on office supplies, raw materials, logistics, power consumption, wages and salaries, etc. The change could be little if only one product is considered. But when multiple products are accounted for and then converted into bulk purchases at the company level, the impact on costing is huge. Accounting for inflationary effects helps businesses keep many things in order. For example, the wages and salaries of employees could be hiked proportionately to the prevailing rate of inflation provided there no out-of-the-course economic condition is in effect.

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