March 7, 2021


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Historic Women’s Republican Club in NYC faces financial woes

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The Women’s National Republican Club turns 100 this calendar year, but may perhaps not make it to 101.

The historic political club in midtown Manhattan has located by itself in dire money straits as a consequence of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to a fundraising charm despatched to customers on Dec. 15 which said the establishment was “in jeopardy.”

“Because most of our revenues comes from our 28 lodge rooms and our catering small business, the club has been particularly hard hit by this year’s COVID-19 pandemic,” the club said in a letter signed by all of its senior officers. “Our membership dues only account for about 5{23996c8f5258275f450f40d5a867c22ad72c04895f28059581bc525cc6cb4bd0} of our over-all income.”

The letter, which implored users to give, explained the club expected resort profits to be down 68{23996c8f5258275f450f40d5a867c22ad72c04895f28059581bc525cc6cb4bd0} in 2020 and at minimum the first half of 2021. Catering was off 80{23996c8f5258275f450f40d5a867c22ad72c04895f28059581bc525cc6cb4bd0}.

The club was established in 1921 by New York suffragette Henrietta Wells Livermore as a location for politically lively girls to meet and share concepts.

The group was warmly embraced by President Calvin Coolidge, who was keen to bring in freshly empowered females voters after the passage of the 19th modification in 1919. His portrait hangs in a the club’s fourth-flooring library, which was devoted by To start with Lady Grace Coolidge.

The club’s present-day headquarters on 3 West 51st Road was erected in the course of the depths of the Great Despair in between 1932 and 1934. The neo-Georgian mansion by Frederic Rhinelander King is outlined on the National Register of Historic Places.

Former Very first Lady Laura Bush, and previous Second Ladies Lynne Cheney and Marilyn Quayle, are outlined as honorary customers.

When achieved for comment, club officers insisted the fundraising drive had labored and the club’s upcoming is secure.

“The letter was quite prosperous. We have donations, we have secured funding, and we are hopeful that the pandemic will be in excess of in a fair amount of money of time and we can get back again to 100{23996c8f5258275f450f40d5a867c22ad72c04895f28059581bc525cc6cb4bd0} enterprise,” club treasurer Carol Mann told The Publish.

She declined to say how a lot was lifted or how deep the hole is.

President Rosanne Varvaro insisted the club was at no hazard of closing and they prepared to stick about for a extensive time. © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.